Africa's finest used printing equipment

Five Colour Presses:

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102FP

Age: 1994

Equipped with: Alcolor Dampening, 2/3 Perfector, CPC 1.03, CP Tronic, Semi Auto Plate Loading, 

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-5P+L

Age: 1995

Equipped with: Aclolor Dampening, CP Tronic, Semi Auto Plate Change, Dedicated Coater,

Heidelberg CD102-5+L

Age: 2004

Equipped with: Preset Plus Feeder and Delivery, Inkline, Autoplate, CP2000, Grafix Exatronic Plus, Dedicated Coated, Extended Delivery

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-FP

Age: 1989

Equipped with: CP Tronic, CPC 1.02, Alcolor Dampening, Quick Action Plate Clamps, Baldwin refrigeration, 

Recovered Rollers, Cleaned and Painted, Reconditioned, Print tested

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5-H

Age: 1996

Equipped with: Alcolor Dampening, Semi Auto Plate Change, CPC 1.03, CP Tronic, High Pile Delivery, Baldwin Refrigeration

Cleaned and painted, Recovered Rollers, Refurbished, Print tested