Africa's finest used printing equipment

Finishing Equipment:

Heidelberg Stahl Folder TH56

Age: 2008

Equipped with: Auto adjustment of all buckles and rollers, Touch Screen Compuflow workflow software, Rotary Feeder, Noise Hood, 

With Second Folding Unit TH56/4 - 4 buckles with auto adjustment and rollers year 2009

With third mobile knife VFZ52H - delivery left or right, connected in workflow Compufold, with coupling box for automatic functioning year 2008

including a pressing delivery SBP46H year 2008

Wohlenberg Cutting Line P115 TS

Age: 2009

Equipped with: Baumann Platform Hoist (BSH-3-650), Baumann Jogger (BSB2L), Baumann Unloader/Stacker (BA2N)