Africa's finest used printing equipment

Our Services 

We deliver a broad range of services ranging from sales, inspections, installations and importing, leaving a positive impact on your business!  


STROM's main focus is on sourcing and selling of used printing equipment. We have over 15 years experience in sourcing the best used printing machinery to suit your specific needs as a printer. Our sales team will help find the right press for your business. STROM has excellent relationships with through a worldwide network of machine dealers and is sure to find the right press.


STROM will inspect and value your press using its years of experience and current market values.


STROM has dedicated, experienced and trained engineers to carry out any installation or dismantling that is required. STROM will provide services anywhere in Africa as we have delivered and installed machinery in over 8 African countries. 


STROM has an excellent worldwide network of dealers that means we can source most machines with ease. We have imported presses from all over the world through our trustworthy network that allow us to guarantee delivery.